“Throughout all of this abuse, my beloved Martin has emerged completely unscathed. ”

I bought my first ever Hiscox case from some shop in Edinburgh in 2001 for my Martin acoustic.  My original (Martin-branded) case had just been smashed on a UK domestic flight.


In its 12 years of service, the case has been to over 100 countries and to every continent (including Antarctica). It has been in over 300 aircraft cargo holds and has passed through the hands of countless (ahem) “baggage handling professionals”. It has also been transported on countless trains, buses, boats and ferries as well as a number of horses and at least one camel.


The case has been dropped, bashed, crushed, thrown, scratched, scraped, rained on, snowed on, sat on and slept on. It has been baked in the Namibian desert, frozen in the Andes, fallen off a boat into in Sydney harbour and been hit by a New York taxi.


Throughout all of this abuse, my beloved Martin has emerged completely unscathed.


So thank you, thank you, thank you for making such an astonishly good product. I was going to send you a photo, but to be honest, apart from the residue from a lot of airline stickers, there really isn’t any visible evidence of all the abuse this case has taken.


I now own several other Hiscox cases for my acoustics and electrics, and  while those ones haven’t faced the challenges of my Martin’s case, I sleep better knowing they have Hiscox protection. I will NEVER buy a case made by anyone else, for as long as I live.


Warmest regards

Manning Bartlett

Studio Laughing Duck

Sydney, Australia

Manning Bartlett, Studio Laughing Duck