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Precision / Jazz / Standard Bass Hard Guitar Case

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Suitable for Fender Precision/Jazz Basses style bass guitars

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Please note: Although our cases are designed to fit most of the standard shapes and sizes, due to the huge variety of instruments and manufacturers available and the variations that can occur even between duplicate models of the same instrument, Hiscox Cases Ltd accept no liability for instrument fit in our cases. The final fit and suitability is the responsibility of the customer.
Sorry, prices and the option to purchase direct are only available to UK customers. You can look for your nearest retailer, or please get in touch if you have a question.

Product Description

Electric Bass Style Guitar Case. Suitable for Fender Precision/Jazz Basses style bass guitars (will also fit many other styles).

Standards are high at Hiscox Cases. We build each case, from scratch to the highest quality here in the UK. Each guitar case is lightweight, tough and hard wearing.

Use the ‘does it fit’ help tab if you’re not sure how to check your guitar measurements.

Standard (STD) Specifications

Length1175mm46 1/4"
Lower Bout349mm13 3/4"
Upper Bout298mm11 3/4"
Body Length546mm21 1/2"
Body Depth65mm2 1/2"
Empty Weight4.59kg10.12lbs

Build Quality

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Black Exterior / Blue Interior, Black Exterior / Silver Interior, Ivory Exterior / Blue Interior, Ivory Exterior / Silver Interior


Pro II, Standard (STD)

3 reviews for Precision / Jazz / Standard Bass Hard Guitar Case

  1. Ritchie

    Love it. These cases are hard as nails. I have one for my Jazz Bass and one for my Ibanez, which is probably worth less than the case! I’ve had cases from other manufacturers and Hiscox beats them all, hands down. If you care about your instrument you’d be daft not to invest in a Hiscox.

  2. Roger Hedin

    I use my Hiscox case for all my solid body basses when the extra protection is required. Tough and can withstand most abuse. Nice looking too…

  3. Mark Robertson

    I ordered the Hiscox Liteflite Standard STD-EBS case to protect my newly-bought Yamaha BB425 bass. I even managed to get the version with the “Yamaha” logo embossed into the body top, thanks to both Hiscox and Yamaha! Absolutely SUPERB case – best ever with regard to level of protection, finish, clasps and looks! I now use it to carry other manufacturers’ models too: G&L, Hohner, Spector, Vintage, etc., etc. I’ll replace all other cases I own with a Hiscox STD-EBS for each of my basses, in due course….AND, it’s BRITISH!!! Well done you guys.

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Looking for a case for your electric, acoustic or bass guitar, but not sure whether it’ll fit? Watch these simple videos to show you how to measure your guitar, and look up the specification of each case. Still stuck? Get in touch!

Step 1: Measure the lower bout

Step 2: Measure the upper bout

Step 3: Measure the depth

Step 4: Measure the length

Hiscox Liteflite Standard specification


  • Original Liteflite construction utilising outer shell of nominal 1.5mm* thick ABS bonded to
  • Polyurethane inner moulding.
  • The 1.5mm thick outer shell is our original ‘Liteflite’ specification continually manufactured since 1985.
  • This gives the lightest case in our range.
Hiscox Liteflite Pro-II specification


  • Original Liteflite construction.
  • Outer shell increased to nominal 2.0mm* thick. This increase in outer shell thickness doubles the impact/puncture resistance of the outer shell compared to our standard range.
  • Extra catch fitted on guitar range (not applicable on Pro-II saxophone cases).
  • Steel ‘D’ rings fitted for strap fixing.
  • Soft foam cushion padding fitted at key areas around the instrument for extra shock protection (not applicable to Pro-II electric, bass and electro-acoustic guitar cases).
  • *Shell thickness quoted is the raw sheet thickness before moulding. The thickness of the finished shell varies depending upon the moulded shape.
Hiscox Liteflite Artist specification


  • Original Liteflite construction.
  • Outer shell increased to nominal 2.5mm* thick. This increase in outer shell thickness improves the impact/puncture resistance be 4 times compared to our standard range!
  • Fully hardened aluminium valance for increased rigidity over Standard and Pro-II ranges.
  • More heavily padded interior finished in deluxe velour.
  • 100% leather handle.
  • 5th catch fitted (6th catch fitted on larger cases – guitar cases only).
  • 2” wide carrying strap included.