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Manufacturer of quality hardshell cases for musical instruments



Our guitars had fallen off the luggage truck and been run over...

...we feared the worst as the cases were rally smashed.  The guitars virtually unscathed.  I'm now a massive fan of your cases and shout your name to all who will listen. John Bainbridge

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Iíll be extra thankful for that 5th latch from now on.

I was heading to Louisville, Kentucky with two of our workers to show our guitars at a conference there.  We were pulling an Airstream with 30,000 dollars’ worth of guitars in it.  In Kansas City we went over a huge hump in the road, and the trailer bounced right off the hitch. 

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Another guitar survives the dreaded baggage handlers...

It was bad. The case looked just dreadful. Huge chunks of plastic outer casing hanging off. The handle had three different luggage tags and countless stickers on it from being routed all over the place. I wish there was some way to attach a photo here, because it's the sort of thing that'd make your heart stop. I opened the case and my Martin was perfect! Not only that, but it was still in tune!

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Flying Violin Case!


The violin smashed through a rear window and was found by the fire crew in a field nearby. The case was damaged but the violin was completely alright!

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The case remained on my back as I was dragged along the road just 50cm from the 19tonne trucks rear wheels.

My Hiscox Artist case literally saved my life.

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Owen Williams - Hiscox Case Saved my Guitar

No damage to my Taylor guitar after case gets damaged at an airport. “It’s good to not have to worry about my guitar while in a Hiscox cases”

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Flight handlers brutally mangled my liteflite artist series case, containing my 1957 Gibson J45.

Yesterday I got off a Lufthansa flight from Toronto to Frankfurt to find the handlers had brutally mangled my liteflite artist series case, containing my 1957 Gibson J45.Read more >>>



Guitar, battered in transit, saved by Hiscox Case.

We recently sent one our guitars, Legend T, to a customer in France.

The couriers completely battered the parcel, as you can see from these photos. Most importantly however, nothing happened to the guitar. So what I can say your cases are amazing! Thank you.

Mayones Guitars & Basses

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My Hiscox Liteflite case has been around the globe with me

It's the perfect case: Light enough for my gigs in New York, and tough enough for my travels.

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Impressed? We're flabbergasted!

From our studio entirely destroyed by fire, the guitars safely locked away in charred and partly melted Hiscox cases emerged smelling slightly of smoke but otherwise intact and still in tune!

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