“"TO MY HORROR"! my guitar slipped out of the car window and I saw it somersault... ”

9 years ago I was lucky enough to buy a Patrick Eggle Berin Pro from a guy that was closing down his shop and got it for a real good price! it needed work and bought it has a project, and after taking this guitar to Rob Williams for some final touches (Rob Williams Guitars) it’s been the closest thing to me since my children and is one of the most fantastic guitars! And to me “is priceless”!
On the 13th of August 2011, I was on my way to a rehearsal at rich bitch studios in Selly Oak Birmingham “was running late” and the car was full packed with gear and Ihad put my 3 guitars on top of my amp/effects rack flight case, with my berlin on the top of the other 2, I was travelling on a dual carriageway and was in excess of 85mph “naughty” and I pushed the rear nearside window button for a little air and the window went all the way down “TO MY HORROR”! my guitar took a slide out of the car window and I saw it somersault “at least 4 times and the case did not open” then it was spinning/sliding in the fast lane (nearly hit but a HGV) until it slid into the slow lane, which by this time I had stopped and was running in the carriageway to rescue it! “I thought the worst”!
However!!! Thanks to your cases!!!! It was untouched! And still perfect! Tears of joy!
I will now make sure that any guitar I own! Will be protected with a HISCOX case!
Rachel Silcox, guitarist, Crickhowell.

Rachel Silcox, guitarist, Crickhowell.