“Lowden 12 string survives hurricane Sandy. ”

During Hurricane Sandy my husband’s studio was wiped out when a wall of salty water, sewage and heating oil rushed into the WestBeth artists studios in Manhattan, broke though two steel doors and tossed everything in the studio about as if it weighed nothing — destroying just about everything. This included a beautiful grand piano, vintage amps, drumsets, top of the line microphones, computers and mixing board. The water filled the room up to the ceiling, and did not fully recede for four days, leaving the place looking –and smelling– like a garbage dump.


We lost many electric and acoustic guitars. Once the building authorities allowed us to wade in, we took all of them out into the hallway. We opened the cases, hardshell and soft, and found the guitars (including the double neck pictured below) had all been subjected to soaking in the toxic combination for too long to save them. Their necks were warped, their bodies were cracked, finishes and hardware were corroded, and they all stank of heating petrol. In short, lost causes.

Except one.


My husband’s treasured Lowden 12 string, was in a Hiscox case. And when we opened it, the Lowden guitar was DRY. He strummed it and when we heard that beautiful sound, we felt as if an old beloved friend had escaped death.

While my husband and I are heartbroken at the loss of so many other things ( as many artists are, we had no insurance), we simply had to say something about the quality of your product. I don’t see anything on your site about the cases being waterproof — mostly you tout their strength– but obviously THEY ARE.

So think of this as an endorsement of the highest order. We wish ALL our guitars had been in Hiscox cases!


Bruce Arnold and Michal Shapiro New York