Survival Stories

I had dual feelings, once I was angry about such a mistreatment but somehow I was confident that the guitar will be unharmed. And it was!

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My 25 year old Taylor guitar was crushed by US Air. I can’t imagine what sort of guillotine was used to put that knife-blade kink in the case but thankfully, the GUITAR was COMPLETELY UNHARMED.

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Cal Scott

Impressed? We’re flabbergasted!

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New Model Army

So what I can say your cases are amazing!

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Guitar, battered in transit, saved by Hiscox Case.

After some heart stopping moments, I gingerly opened the case to find my guitar unscathed.

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Flight handlers brutally mangled my liteflite artist series case, containing my 1957 Gibson J45.

Hiscox Case Saved my Guitar

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Owen Williams

Really, you all are a force for good in this world. You’ve built something
that has stood up to more than anyone should possibly have asked of it.

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Robert Leslie

The violin smashed through a rear window and was found by the fire crew in a field nearby. The case was damaged but the violin was completely alright!

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Flying violin case!

When we got back an hour later, we found that someone had jimmied the door of the trailer. All our guitars were in Hiscox cases, and this guy had unlatched every guitar case. Except, evidently he couldn’t find that darn 5th latch around the back.

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I’ll be extra thankful for that 5th latch from now on

If it weren’t for the case I would be dead today.

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Mike Wilson, Toulouse, France

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