Survival Stories

Our guitars had fallen off the luggage truck and been run over… Damage to case? Extensive. Damage to guitar? One slightly
bent machine head. Miracle!

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John Bainbridge

“did anyone shut the back door? I think it’s open!” screeeeetch to a holt.

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Allan Ferguson

Hiscox cases saved my new custom Anaconda bass from being destroyed!

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George E. Rodgers III

Lowden 12 string survives hurricane Sandy.

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Bruce Arnold and Michal Shapiro New York

“TO MY HORROR”! my guitar slipped out of the car window and I saw it somersault…

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Rachel Silcox, guitarist, Crickhowell.

Throughout all of this abuse, my beloved Martin has emerged completely unscathed.

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Manning Bartlett, Studio Laughing Duck

My 25 year old Taylor guitar was crushed by US Air. I can’t imagine what sort of guillotine was used to put that knife-blade kink in the case but thankfully, the GUITAR was COMPLETELY UNHARMED.

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Cal Scott

Impressed? We’re flabbergasted!

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New Model Army

So what I can say your cases are amazing!

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Guitar, battered in transit, saved by Hiscox Case.

After some heart stopping moments, I gingerly opened the case to find my guitar unscathed.

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Flight handlers brutally mangled my liteflite artist series case, containing my 1957 Gibson J45.

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