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If you have got your hands on a beautiful semi-hollow ES-335 style guitar you will want to keep it safe not only at home but also when you take it on the road. So why not do so with this extremely protective Hiscox Pro II hardcase for semi hollow guitars.


The PRO II range of cases are twice as impact resistant as their standard brother with a 2mm outer shell thickness that will make sure even with serious drops your guitar is in great condition. Also keeping your guitar protected is a bunch of soft foam around key areas where you guitar is most likely to get damaged that is covered in crushed velour for a soft feel interior.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Industrial quality fixtures and fittings
  • Polyurethane interior insulating foam, UNIQUE to Hiscox Cases
  • Aluminium Valance - Unique to Hiscox strength and resistance around the entire rim
  • Each case is handmade in the UK by our team, with a unique serial number that can be tracked back to point of origin


Information on the differences between our STD, PRO2, and ARTIST ranges, please click here


Length1073mm42 1/4 "
Lower Bout419mm16 1/2 "
Upper Bout298mm11 3/4 "
Body Length533mm21"
Body Depth51mm2"
Empty Weight4.34kg9.57lbs

FAQ's & Shipping Info


Orders dispatched within 1-2 working days



Sizing Guide

Step 1 | Determine Neck Angle


  • Lay your guitar on a flat surface, from the side check the angle of the guitar neck. The neck is the section the strings run across.
  • Fender style neck is straight, Gibson style neck is angled downwards - This part is critical to make sure your guitar fits securely in case.


Step 2 | Measure Lower Bout 



  • Take a standard tape measure, place on the widest section of the guitar either side and measure
  • This is the Lower bout measurement, write it down


Step 3 | Measure Upper Bout



  • Using your tape measure, place on either side of the guitar as highlighted above
  • This is the Upper bout measurement, write it down


Step 4 | Depth


  • Now measure the depth of your guitar body. Do not include the strings or bridge
  • You now have the depth


Step 5 | Length


  • Using your tape measure, measure from the highest point to the lowest
  • This is the length measurement, write it down


Step 6 | Does it fit


As easy as that, now take the measurements you have and use the case size to make sure your guitar size fits within the measurements. 


If you are still unsure, please get in contact with our factory and we will be more than happy to advise 

 Call | 01543 571 420

 e-mail |


  • The above guide will give you an accurate measurement of your guitar, all guitars are different and we supply for free cushions that can give your guitar a more comfortable fit.




Sizing Tutorial Video