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Manufacturer of quality hardshell cases for musical instruments




It's been for more than 5 years that I use Hiscox cases for my bass guitars. I build custom made bass guitars, Duo Lutherie, and would use no other case to protect my instruments! Great products!


Philippe, Duo Lutherie


We are so pleased to be back with Hiscox, they now make a case to fit each of our Models. So many of our customers are Professional Musicians so they need Top quality, strong cases. It's also good to be working with another British manufacturer.


Alister Atkin , Atkins Guitars




We’re very excited to now be using HISCOX cases as they are the perfect compliment to our guitars. The quality of the cases, the protection they afford our instruments and the value they add is the reason we decided to offer them. We’re certain our customers will be pleased with our decision to use HISCOX.


J-P Karppinen, Managing Director of FLAXWOOD OY




I use Hiscox because they make great cases and are a first class company to deal with.

Tony Fitzgibbon, Fiddle,Viola and Mandolin player Van Morrison Band




After over 10 years of touring - I still have my Hiscox sax case, it's seen a lot of miles and a lot of ska, i would recommend these cases to everyone!

Drew Stansall (sax player)
The Specials, Prince Buster, Symarip, El pussycat.




I use, PRS, Parker, Gibson, Fender, Martin and Lowden, they all have one thing in common, Hiscox Cases, I trust them.

Tony Hicks, The Hollies.




I like my Hiscox case because it keeps my favourite guitar safe, yet is still light enough for me to carry.


Katie Melua




"I've been using Hiscox's Liteflite cases for years, in fact I'm still using one that I got in 1991 and which has been around the planet about 11 times with me. They are as the name would suggest, both light and tough, with really solid catches too. I've never had any anxiety checking a guitar into the hold when it's in one of these cases."

Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran




“I have been using hiscox cases for many years and I find them perfect for Björn Again. Averaging 200 shows per year means that the guitar cases are subject to all sorts of knocks and rough treatment (especially from our friends who handle luggage at airports). I have never had an incident where an instrument has been damaged whist in a hiscox case – I can’t say the same for the other brands”

Rod Stephen




"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product you have provided for all us wishful thinkers that need to check our guitars as luggage when traveling by air. I have owned Calton Cases (Canada) and found them to be well made and effective but SO heavy. I would leave them in storage until I was heading to the airport in an attempt to avoid shoulder problems. HOWEVER, my new Hiscox LA GAD changed all that. I find I use it all the time for my 37 year old Martin D35, and not just for air travel. Canadian winters can be harsh and the thermal protection of this case is also critical. However, due to the hot summers here, and endless folk festivals and days in the sun, I wish it was available in ivory. I'd certainly trade my black for an ivory... Well done all for a superb product!"

David Bradstreet, Toronto, Canada




"I have good reason to have total confidence in Hiscox instrument cases."

Ralph McTell




"I have been using Hiscox cases for many years now to protect my precious acoustics. They are strong, roadworthy, well designed and in my opinion, the best instrument cases on the market."

Gordon Giltrap




"Thanks for your great service."

The Searchers




"There's only one case I would use to protect my Gibson guitar, the Hiscox Les Paul electric."

Dave Hill, SLADE




"Hiscox cases are the business, they're brilliant."

Nigel Kennedy




"We've used Hiscox cases exclusively for our Strat, Tele, Jazz and Precision guitars. They have been in more cargo holds than I've had hot dinners, and you know what baggage handlers are like!! Bloody marvellous!"

Sean Genockey, MOKE




"I'm Ben Calvert, singer and songwriter. I've had one of your cases for ten years now. It's been to Australia with me three times, has been to countless recording sessions, has been taken on 6 tours, and has travelled with me to and from 300+ gigs. It has been run over by a car twice, has been used as a snowboard on more than one occasion, and has been thrown out of a two story window. Through all of this the guitar inside has never been damaged. Despite a broken clasp and a bit of damage it is still holding up.
If ever you should consider wishing to consider me to endorse your products, using my experiences of your cases in any advertising media, please contact me. Some of my music can be heard at Thanks."

Ben Calvert




"Pity Hiscox cases were not around in the 1960's when I was pro muso in Germany with Noel Redding, Pete Kircher and Neil Landon. In a minor shunt with a Volkswagen in Frankfurt the pickup and bridge covers got squashed on to the strings on my Fender 'P' bass and the neck fell off my Hofner 'Committee'. Nobody was hurt and the show went on. But a decent case would have prevented the damage.
I have recently acquired one of Mr Rob Green's finest Status 'KingBass's' with the fairy lights up and down the neck and Suzi Quatro's Status S2, both are in superbly made tough Hiscox 'Flitelite' cases. They make handsome couples and give the instruments the protection they deserve. Thanks Brynn and the team for The Great British Case."

Kevin Lang, The Zig Zag Band




"After several problems and damages to my saxes caused by poorly made cases I came across an Hiscox case owned by a fellow sax player and I've seen the light: my new LITEFLITE PROII alto sax case is just arrived and I'm so pleased about it that I'll buy one for my tenor as well in the near future. I've found your video interesting and informative and I'll do of my best to persuade those few sax player friends still without a proper Hiscox case to get one as soon as they can, I'm going to promote your cases in my Website as well. Many thanks for what you are doing to protect our vital music tools."

Roberto Manzin, Saxophone player




"I'd just like to tell you how much I'm enjoying my Hiscox case. As a five night a week musician, protecting my investments in my equipment is a natural process. The longer the life, the more money stays in my pocket!
My brand new Parker Fly Deluxe Single-2 was shipped to me in a 'hard-shell' case. To my great disappointment it was not a favourite make of mine. Within two weeks one of the latches was broken and the case had way too much flex for my liking.
Since my amps travel in Anvil cases, I thought that would be the fix. Six weeks and $370.00 dollars later my case arrived........Damn! The thing weighed in at over 45 pounds!!......and was huge!!! Granted, it would sustain a direct tomahawk missile attack, but it was just too much to carry. After several weeks of lugging this beast I was browsing the net and saw a Parker Fly in a really interesting case......a Hiscox case. I spent a few more minutes and tracked down the site, sent for a quote and had the beauty shipped the very next day. It couldn't fit any better, is tough and extremely well put together......great price too! Thanks for a great product!"

Linc Davis, New Jersey, USA




"I cannot allow your generous co-operation to go without further mention and thanks. I will certainly bring to the notice of any interested client, your invaluable service, at every opportunity."

C. McGovern, Lancashire, UK




"Thank you for all your assistance and for cases that actually DO protect guitars, even from airline baggage handlers."

D. I. Gilliland, N. Ireland. Musician with "Riverdance – The Show"




"I have been using cases of all descriptions to supply my guitars and by far the best value are definitely your own Liteflite cases"

Jeff Kemp, Classical Guitar Maker, New South Wales




"I am very impressed with my cases…… and congratulate you in your excellent after sales support. I will certainly be recommending your cases in the future. Great work guys. Your excellence has proved that you exceed all expectations."

M. I. Arrowsmith, Warwick, UK




"As a pro guitarist, I've been doing a considerable amount of touring, during which my Hiscox Liteflite case suffered a lot of wear and tear. I contacted Hiscox and they were incredibly helpful. I posted my poor battered case to them and, hey presto, one week later the case was returned with new hinges, catches, the lot. I'd like to thank Hiscox and recommend their products and services to fellow musicians."

M. Lineham, Cheshire, UK




"Hiscox Liteflite cases will always be on the tip of my tongue when asked for an excellent music case manufacturer."

J. Wyndham, Essex, UK




"Please accept my congratulations on your product. In my mind at least, here is a British product whose design and construction lives up to what the purchaser expects of it, and for anyone with an instrument to protect, it is money well spent and cheap at the price."

C. P. Truesdale, Suffolk, UK




"Like most professional musicians, I believe the quality of flight cases is something that cannot be compromised and for that reason, buy Hiscox cases. If I had known that the 'after sales' service would be so brilliant (especially as this after sales period has been 10 years and many hundreds of tours and dates), it would have been yet another reason to buy Hiscox cases."

P. Orchard, London




"I'd just like to say thanks to all at Hiscox. I was involved in a car crash last year on my way home from a band practice. My most recent purchase, a Spector bass was in the boot of my car in a Hiscox Liteflite case. The car was struck from behind and was written off - I feared I'd lost my bass! However, thanks to the strength of the case, my bass survived in one piece. Unfortunately the case was destroyed, but in my eyes it had done the ultimate job of protecting my bass."

J. Gordon, Scotland




"I am very pleased with my new PRO-GCL-L guitar case which I received today. I bought it to replace a case that cost me more 7 years ago than the new case. The PRO-GCL is much better made and my guitar fits it well with no movement at all. It is nice to see that a British company is leading the field. I would say that you are producing the very best possible product for the price. Well done and thank you."

M. Hupman, Northamptonshire, UK




"Thought you might like to hear what happened to my Hiscox case in 1988. Its something I have been meaning to do for a very long time just haven't got around to it.
I still have the case, and it still does its job brilliantly!
I was joining the M6 motorway at Luton airport going North, traffic at a stand still, just edging my way into the slow lane, boot loaded with luggage, precious Yamaha, APX10 Custom Guitar in Hiscox case on top, pretty much where the parcel shelf would be if I hadn't taken it out, of the brand new Ford Sierra I had borrowed from a chap at work.
An Irish, articulated 40ft container truck came flying down the slip road behind me, brakes had apparently failed and hit me from behind doing about 50mph. Every window shattered, car now 12" shorter, Hiscox case and luggage flung up the motorway!
Once over the shock, I collected the case, looked fine except for a small ding - guitar absolutely fine!
The guitar and case were bought at Machine Head Music in Hitchin, Herts around 1987. It was probably one of the first Custom APX10 in the country having been carried over by hand from the Hamburg music show as a sample. I still gig with it and it still has the original case.
Cheers and thanks after all these years!"

Terry Rielly




"Dear hiscox case company im writting in regards to your life lite case which i sed up til my accident. I was most impressed by its grateful protecion. you see about a month ago i was in an accident on an icy rode in which i was struck by to mack trucks. The impact threw me off the rode at 80 mph and my cello flew out the hutch of my case. Recently my cello was found and reunited me it was found in the woods off the highway. The case had was smashed and cracked,with ice, and tire marks but. to my surprise the cello was fine just needing the sound post to be replaced and one opend seem. I thank you your fine craftmenship did what you set it out to do protect my cello. so for this i give you my many thanks."

Alaric Leidenschaft




"I've used Hiscox cases for over 10 years, (I have four).
Bought my first one, which was run over by an artic truck - my beloved 6o's Strat survived unmarked, and stll in tune! The case was slightly cracked and the handle broken, but I'm still using it today for a spare.
When I buy a new instrument, I always add the price of a Hiscox case to the budget as I know it will have a safe "home"."

Spook, Derby, UK




"I've been using Hiscox cases for 7 years and dispite the fact that the case has been dropped by airport baggage handlers more times than I can remember its still going strong.
I'm now touring with reformed prog rockers Curved Air ( and I trust the case to survive just about anything. Thanks for making a quality product! "

Chris Harris




"I play guitar in a rock band called GRAVITY WINS AGAIN from Cape Town, South Africa. I just wanted to say that I have been using my Hiscox case for my Fender Stratocaster for 8 years now, and its still in top condition! Hundreds of shows around the country in cars, vans and aeroplanes and its still going strong! When someone knocks my case over or drops it, I know I don't have to worry. Thanks for making a great product! "

Gareth Allison




"The one-size mandolin case is superb - fits both A & F style mandolins with lots of room for accessories. Is strong & light and I have complete confidence to use it as a flight case to ship my instruments to overseas customers. Looks very nice as well - sometimes my customers are admiring the case more than my mandolins!"

Sean Ashley, Ash-Mandolins




“Kobler Guitars choose to use Hiscox cases because I want to be sure that my guitars are kept as well protected as possible. Their unique construction affords the instrument greater protection. I know I can trust Hiscox Cases, it is the best way to protect my guitars in transit.”

Christina Kobler Guitars




We are so pleased to be back with Hiscox, they now make a case to fit each of our Models. So many of our customers are Professional Musicians so they need Top quality, strong cases. It's also good to be working with another British manufacturer.

Alister Atkin , Atkins Guitars




We’re very excited to now be using HISCOX cases as they are the perfect compliment to our guitars. The quality of the cases, the protection they afford our instruments and the value they add is the reason we decided to offer them. We’re certain our customers will be pleased with our decision to use HISCOX.

J-P Karppinen, Managing Director of FLAXWOOD OY




Bailey guitars are very pleased to announce that we will now be supplying Hiscox cases as standard with all our guitars. We have used many other cases over the years, but Hiscox have stood the test of time and proven their quality and value. I have dedicated my working life to making the finest guitars I can, so it is natural that we have chosen a case to suit.

Bailey Guitars




There is simply no other case, at the price, that comes close on outright strength, protection, durability , longevity and weight. I send violins to all corners of the Earth, with confidence, in Hiscox cases and have never had a problem. And, they are made in the UK !

Tim Phillips, Violin Maker




"I use Hiscox cases because I trust their quality of construction to protect the guitars I build and ship. Also, they are fairly priced, and are recognized by professionals in the industry to be superior."

Lee Herron, Herron Guitars




"We've loved Hiscox Cases since the first time we laid eyes on them in 1996. Part of our story is the selling of my '67 Mustang in order to purchase a George Lowden guitar. This guitar was like the "Holy Grail" to me. It inspired us to build. It came with a beautiful Hiscox Case. The thing was LIGHT and TOUGH. I have traveled, literally, around the world with that guitar, in that case. I still have it in my studio. That's, now, what we put our little pieces of "wooden Love" in.

Grant Batson, Batson Guitar Co.




"My 'Electric Lady' Guitars have an average of two gigs per week & have had less than sympathetic handling from some people on many occasions. Always unharmed & frequently in-tune the guitars have the best protection in the Hiscox case. Over 35yrs of gigging your cases are the best I've ever come across."

Eddie, Electric Lady Guitars, UK




"I use Hiscox cases because they are the finest around"

Gerd Nikolaiski, Basle, Switzerland




"My favourite cases. They're all we use, what more can we say."

Martin Seeliger, Lakewood Guitars, Germany




As a regular user of your cases to protect my custom guitars, I am keen to promote the 'britishness' of my guitars, and know from experience that your cases are superb - they have protected my guitars all around Europe and I wouldn't hesitate in shipping them right round the world if they were in a Hiscox case.

Simon Lee Guitars, UK




"Hiscox get the balance right between weight ad strength, so musicians can carry their guitars with confidence that they are properly protected."

George Lowden, George Lowden Guitars, Northern Ireland




"We have used Hiscox cases for the past ten years. As a manufacturer of high quality guitars we had to source a case that would complement our instruments and to that end I could not go past Hiscox. The build quality and finish both internally and externally is exceptional. In addition, with our expansion into export markets we had to ensure the greatest possible protection for our guitars. Hiscox Cases has enhanced our profile internationally due to their own position in the market place."

Neville Kitchen, Maton Guitars, Australia




"I use Hiscox Cases because they are incredibly tough. We have tried and tested them unaccompanied on long haul flights from South Africa to the USA, Japan, Europe and the UK. Also, they are lightweight compared to most others. They are comfortable to carry and store. With my logo on the lid they look smart and professional. They hold my guitar snugly... they never come apart."

Marc Mainguard, Maingard Guitars, South Africa




"When I used to Travel as a salesman, I used to stand in the middle of the case (with the guitars inside) to prove the quality. Everybody understood then why I choose Hiscox Cases for my upper level Guitars. After 25 years in the business, I still choose the Hiscox cases as the best for my guitars."

Morgan Johnsen, Morgan Guitars, Norway




"We have decided to use Hiscox cases because, even if they are a little more expensive than the Asian product, this European company manufactures high quality cases that fit our standards."

Patrice, Vigier Guitars, France - email




"Hiscox cases are simply the best way to protect our instruments - whether they're travelling on trucks, tour buses or planes we know we can rely on Hiscox cases to keep them safe."

Julian Ward, Yamaha Guitars, Worldwide




"I choose to put my top and masterclass instruments into Hiscox cases because these cases combine low weight with high ruggedness and protect m precious concert guitars perfectly."

Armin Hanika, HANIKA-Gitarrenbau, Germany




"Our customers demand a top quality hard shell case top protect their handmade Avalon acoustic guitar, a case that's strong enough to combat the rigours of travel yet light enough to make the journey more enjoyable, Hiscox cases do the job perfectly and have been our 1st choice for over 18 years and still going strong!"

Jim, Avalon Guitars, Northern Ireland




"We are very satisfied with the strength and the quality of Hiscox Cases. It is for this reason that we have chosen these great cases for the safety of our guitars."

Amalia Ramirez, Ramirez Guitars, Spain




"I've just received two Hiscox Artist cases. I love them, strong, light and good looking with just enough soft padding. Just like me."

Roger Bucknall, Fylde Guitars, UK




"The cornerstones of my philosophy in building electric guitars could be squeezed into these few phrases: from top-of-the-grade materials - original design - delicate beauty - superior tone - by highly skilled craftsmen - with love and dedication - for the most demanding player. No compromises! When it comes to cases... I have chosen Hiscox. Period."

Juha Ruokangas, Ruokangas Guitars, Finland




"We use Hiscox Cases for their great protection, reliability and respect to the instrument. Also, the Hiscox people are the ones to keep their word in every other aspect of their business."

Christian, Blade Guitars, Switzerland




"When Brynn started this business I was one of his first customers. I keep buying these cases year after year after year because the quality is so consistently good."

Kevin, Aram Guitars, UK




"As a guitar maker and repairer with nearly forty years experience, I have seen everything that can happen to an instrument which is insufficiently protected.
Even when in the official manufacturers approved cases I have seen some big name, high quality instruments which have been damaged by careless airlines / roadies.
With hand on heart I can honestly say I have never experienced damage to an instrument when carried in a Hiscox case even though the accident may have written off the case itself!
I have been supplying Hiscox Cases with my own instruments since the 1980's when Brynn Hiscox first set up his factory and have never had cause to complain of poor workmanship or materials and I am very fussy! "

Martin Cole, Martin Cole Guitars, UK




"A great British Case for a great British Bass."

Rob Green, Status Graphite, UK




"Most of the guitars I make are shipped to Europe and America. I know I can trust Hiscox Cases."

Terry, Garric Guitars




"One of my Fret-King endorsees sent me a guitar for a set up and he shipped it in the original Hiscox case. No box, no tape, no strap, not even locked, just the case with the guitar inside. When it arrived I thought it had been used as a shield in Iraq (let's face it most carries don't really care how they handle things) Fearing the worst I opened the case, found the guitar in perfect condition and still in tune. All my "Green Label" Fret-Kings come as Standard with a Hiscox Case. There is none better."

Trev Wilkinson, Fret-King, UK




"Why do I choose Hiscox cases? As a maker of classical and flamenco guitars I use Hiscox cases because they are well designed, well built and it's a friendly and helpful company to do business with. The new Artist case is a perfect upgrade for my special instruments."

Gerry O'Gorman, O'Gorman guitars




"I use Hiscox cases for all my guitars as they are, light, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Their unique moulding and construction affords the instrument greater protection."

John Beckett, Luthier, Northern Ireland




"I use Hiscox cases because they are light weight, super strong and the best British case for the best British guitars. No other will do."

Rob Williams, Rob Williams Guitars, UK




"Throughout my guitar making career I have always supplied Hiscox cases with my instruments. The combination of strength, quality, weight and good design has meant I have never considered using anything else. Thanks for a great product!"

Nick Benjamin, Benjamin Guitars, UK




"We've used Hiscox cases for twelve years now exclusively, they're string, reliable and made in the UK."

Andy, Brook Guitars, UK




"Hiscox Acoustic Guitar Cases offer the best protection for your guitar regardless of price - and you can spend a great deal more elsewhere. My guitars are always supplied in these cases. Light, extremely tough ad should the need arise, repairable. I demonstrate them to customers by standing on the flat face on the case!"

John Le Voi, John Le Voi Guitars, UK




"Sanden Guitars choose to use Hiscox cases because they have safely carried our guitars for nearly 20 years all over the world!"

Michael and Kari Sanden, Sanden Guitars, Sweden




"I only build very limited quantities of exclusive Acoustic Guitars. I send to UK, US and the Far East. I know that with a Hiscox case I don't have to worry about the guitar arriving safely. Just pop it in and post it! I use Hiscox Cases because there is absolutely no point in using anything else!"

Kif Wood, KIF Guitars, UK




"Every guitar I build comes complete with a Hiscox case. Why? Because protection is of paramount importance and no other case offers this level of protection together with superb build quality, style and longevity. Add to this, the fact that the Hiscox guys are a real pleasure to deal with, there is no competition."

Chris George, Chris George Guitars, UK




"We send our guitars and basses all over the world, so we needed to find a case that we could trust to protect them on their journey and ensure that the instruments reach our customers safely. The Hiscox cases perform this task brilliantly and we have never experienced any problems."

John, Jadee Guitars, UK




"I have used Hiscox cases for 21 years and have never been let down by the quality. A great British product."

Hugh Manson, Manson Guitars, UK




"I have been recommending Hiscox cases to my customers for the last 20 years for the following reasons:
1. Great value for money
2. Light weight
3. Unrivalled level of protection at a sensible price
5. Great after sales service."

Alan Marshall, Northworthy, UK

"Why do I use Hiscox cases? I spend a long time making my instruments entirely by hand and I want to be sure that my guitars are kept as well protected as possible. When shipping an instrument, I need to be sure that it will get to my client in one piece and a Hiscox case is the best way to protect the guitar in transit."

Gary Nava, Nava Guitars, UK




"At Manouche Guitars Ltd we want to use the very best built case to protect our guitars that go all over the world. We are proud of our association with Hiscox, and the cases they manufacture have received great comments for both their appearance and sturdy nature."

Tony Walker, Manouche Guitars, UK




"We choose to put Trayser guitars in Hiscox cases because our guitars deserve the best and safest case ever!"

Chris, Trayser Guitars, Austria




"Simply put, Hiscox cases provide a secure and safe environment for my guitars. When I send one of my guitars out to a customer in a Hiscox case, I know it'll arrive safe and sound. They're dependable and strong, yet light weight.... all you could ask for in a case really!"

Simon Farmer, Gus Guitars, UK




"Just taken delivery of our first 'Artist' case. Well worth the wait, fabulous case!"

Joan, Moon Guitars, UK




"We all LOVE the new case. Really unbelievably great. The lining is spot on."

Patrick Eggle, Patrick James Eggle Guitars Ltd, UK




"Brian May Guitars thinks Hiscox is the best case money can buy and it's the best of British."

Dean Mitchell, Brian May Guitars, UK




"I thought you would like to know that recently we had a house fire in which your case saved my daughter's new cello from any damage. She had prudently put the cello away before we went on holiday. The heat from the fire and the soot together with the damp from the steam when the fire was put out seriously damaged another cello that did not have a case causing £850 worth of damage but the cello in your case is completely unharmed. We feel that the case was a very good investment indeed and thought you would be interested to know how well it has done it's job. "

Imogen Clout, Sheffield, UK